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Ahoy! Play the game of pillage and plunder

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Hendrick Quintor

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A game of pillage and plunder

Ahoy! Doubloons is a seafaring card game where you are a pirate captain in a race to collect 7 doubloons. In your quest, you'll get to do things like plunder cards, pillage doubloons, commandeer ships, and recruit the most legendary pirates in history.

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How it works


Use drag and drop to design the UI

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Connect the database and services

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Deploy as either a mobile or web app

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Get Started

Use pirate cards and action cards to win

Here's how to play:

Draw and play action cards to help you collect doubloons.
Hire pirates into your crew to bolster your strength every turn.
Race to get 7 doubloons first. Combo your action cards and assemble the fiercest crew of buccaneers on the high seas.

What players say about Doubloons

Whether it's digital or tabletop, see what the excitement is all about.

"This game ends in 'let’s play another!' more than any game I’ve played."

Santosh Mohan
First mate

"The game really builds up and the end is super exciting. We were yelling, cheering, and high-fiving. Definitely one of the most memorable game experiences I’ve ever had."

Tom Rigodanzo

"Every game feels so different, there’s so many strategies to discover!"

Allanah Jackson
Pirate lord

"It’s as easy to learn as Exploding Kittens but the card combos are way more strategic."

Matthias McCoy-Thompson

"Bring this game to your next get-together if you want to be everyone's new best friend."

Kwee Wang

Captain's Log

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